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  • Speedy Immigration Inspection Certificate for Foreign Frequent Visitors

    1. Foreign frequent visitors, employees of mainland Chinese non-profit institutions and airline companies, or reporters stationed in Taiwan who visited R.O.C. at least 3 times in the past 12 months can apply to National Immigration Agency via the internet for approval to use speedy inspection counter to clear immigration.

    2. Approved holders are eligible to use Speedy Immigration Counter designated by National Immigration Agency (NIA) at international airports and seaports. NIA may ask approved holders to proceed to other counters for the purpose of clearing passport inspection.

    3. Please print this certificate and submit it along with your valid passport and Arrival Card for immigration inspection. Hong Kong and Macau, mainland chinese residents and visitors NOT coming from visa exemption countries are required to apply Entry and Exit Permit or visa before entry.

    4. This certificate does not confer holder any right of entry to or exit from R.O.C.(Taiwan).Holder’s entry to or exit from R.O.C.(Taiwan) is governed by the Immigration Act and related regulations.

    5. This certificate shall be used only by the holder himself, and valids for one year.

    6. Please reapply when a new passport is issued.

    7. The competent authorities reserve the right to refuse issue or revoke this approval.

    Yes, I understand the content and requirement above, and want to apply.